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Stancor Introduces Traction Minder™ Elevator System


Traction Minder™ creates newfound ease when ensuring the right components are specified to meet application and code requirements for traction elevators. A robust portfolio of packaged solutions also accounts for the growing demand to implement BACnet into BAS/BMS systems—conveniently offered with other system components in a single part number. Selections can now be completed with an increased level of confidence that field-proven components, from a single, trusted source, will create the right balance between functionality and cost in a life/safety application.

A list of Traction Minder™ part numbers provide the pump, control panel and floats to meet 50, 100 and 150 GPM (as specified by ASME 17.1) at the specified distance (feet). This package approach—which was inspired by the industry’s acceptance of Oil Minder® in hydraulic elevators—maximizes operational efficiencies from specification to installation. Designing a plug-and-play, application-specific answer to pumps and associated equipment in traction elevators has led to the following features:

  • SE/SV series pumps, featuring a vortex impeller design, have become the standard for elevators
  • NEMA 4X control panel with HOA switch, pump run light and a dry contact (high water) for connectivity
  • Three floats (on, off and high water) are pre-assembled at the factory to minimize labor
  • Ability to further customize with control panel features, main disconnect and/or junction box with 8-pin connector


BACnet functionality is available on all Traction Minder™ models to combine plumbing and HVAC equipment into the same channel for alarms, fault codes and operating schedules. The integrated hardware/software implementation allows the control panel to communicate with any protocol, with IP and MS/TP being the most popular. The following messaging is offered with the standard BACnet package:

  • Oil fault
  • High water alarm
  • Pump run status

View the Traction Minder™ product brochure with full specifications below:

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