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Shipco® Model P Pump

Shipco® offers the exclusive two-stage Model “P” pump and motor designed for low NPSH applications, and can be proven to work by an eye witness NPSH test!

This pump has a bronze or stainless steel propeller allowing the pump to operate at the most efficient point on the curve simultaneously utilizing the best specific pump speed of a 3500 RPM motor without cavitating on low NPSH applications. See Model P pumps on the Shipco® website.

What’s more: If you are high-priced on a job utilizing Model P pumps and the bidder is not the ITT® rep and/or other pump manufacturers are listed on the specification, then you are not quoting apples to apples on the specified job and you will likely LOSE the bid.

Many Model P pumps operate at 2 foot NPSHA (see curves for details).

Why specify the Model P pump? You will be one of two bidders and limiting competition is in your favor. The chance of your customers’ equipment handling “hot” condensate units is very high when dealing with steam condensate. Educate your customers and close the deal.

Situations where Model P pumps might make sense:

  • Insulated return lines
  • High temperature return lines
  • Systems with failing or leaky traps allowing steam into the return line causing standard pumps on their return system to cavitate and destroy themselves very quickly

Also remember, utilizing an adapter flange Shipco® can easily retrofit a Model P pump to fit onto your receiver.

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