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Pump Automation: The Real Meaning of Saving Money

If you think automation is a luxury you can’t afford, you should rethink your idea of saving money.

How many times have you had to make important decisions involving your HVAC system without being 100% sure it was the right time (or even the right equipment)?

How many times have felt in the dark and wished for someone or something to give you extra detailed information that would allow you to make a more informed choice?

In HVAC, all of your choices impact performance and efficiency, and any misinformed and incorrect decision can cost you thousands of dollars.

Automation plays an essential role in improving efficiency, and, as you know, efficiency equals less energy consumption and more savings. That’s why automation is an intelligent investment, not a luxury.

In fact, a survey shows that 53% of managers and business leaders in mid-to-large-sized commercial facilities view energy efficiency as a proven operating and investment strategy. 84% of respondents saw at least one benefit after taking steps to save energy. The benefits include lowering operating costs and increasing employee productivity. But since the beginning of this automation era, we haven’t seen a Pump Manager system as good as the one Armstrong released in 2018.

Armstrong Pump Manager is a pump automation service that measures flow and understands how different components are operating. Because of the accurate flow information the service provides, optimizing performance becomes easy.

How does this work? It’s simple.

Armstrong Pump Manager learns your system, predicts your system, and optimizes its operation. It’s almost like having a technician or engineer from Armstrong at your facility at ALL times, with a keen eye for detail and 100% focused.

The Pump Manager tracks pump performance 24/7 and provides early diagnostic warnings, trends, analysis, and automated reports, giving you literally every piece of information you need in order to make more informed decisions – including financial ones, such as understanding if your chiller is either under or oversized and needs to be replaced.

The Armstrong pump manager gathers data about current operating system status relative to design, and also updates you on flow and head relationships, 3D pump vibration and carbon footprint, and gives you full load and energy-savings profiles.

Even better: it helps you in real-time with insights and alerts for excessive vibration, broken couplings, pump in-hand, deadhead and cavitation before a catastrophe can happen. The pump manager has fault detection and diagnostics capabilities to predict pump leaking mechanical seals, failing or completely ceased bearings. Believe it or not, predicting rather than reacting to manage and mitigate risks of equipment failure can generate up to 48% to 51% in savings.

The system is available for all Gen5 design envelope pumps, and you may be able to get a free trial. With this automation service, you can save up to 40% in energy consumption every year. Check this out!

Armstrong offers two Performance Management services. Pump Manager is focused on the performance of individual pumps or pump arrays. ECO*Pulse is broader and will help you optimize your entire plant, showing you what saving really is.

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on Jun 3, 2020 10:05:44 AM

As Seen On: May 21, 2020

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