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NEW! ENERVEX ESP Particle Filter – a Game Changer!

Original Article: ENERVEX

ENERVEX introduces a particle filter system for wood stoves and fireplaces at HPBExpo 2020 that has lab-documented a 90-95% reduction in volume of particles and 70-75% reduction in total particle mass.
Developed with PHX Innovation, a Danish company committed to reducing particle emissions in the burning of biofuel, ENERVEX’s Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Particle Filter System has earned the Blue Angel, the German eco-label that distinguishes products and services for being more environmentally friendly than other comparable, standard products and services.
“Up until now, no product on the market has been able to extract fine, and especially damaging ultra-fine, particles to this high-level capability – AND demonstrate those reductions as a measure of both volume and mass,” said Steen Hagensen, President and CEO, ENERVEX. “Our partnership with PHX and investment in this technology support our mission to deliver industry-first venting products that improve human lives and accelerate environmental responsibility.”
Smoke from residential wood heaters contains fine particle pollution, or particulate matter, along with other health and environmental pollutants including carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), black carbon and air toxins. Because these fine particles have a size that is 1,000 times smaller than a human hair, humans ingest the matter into their lungs and bloodstream, causing asthma, heart attack and heart irregularities, lung disease and other health risks. In addition, the EPA maintains that fine particles (PM2.5) are the main cause of reduced visibility from haze, harm to bodies of water and their ecosystems, soil nutrient depletion, and damage to forests and farm crops.
“We are pleased to partner with ENERVEX to deliver what is now the most effective solution available to remove these unsafe emissions,” said Peter Hermansen, PHX Innovation’s Managing Director. “The integration of ENERVEX’s best-of-breed chimney fan into the ESP ensures a constant updraft in the chimney of wood stoves, making it easier to light the appliance as well as help to prevent the backflow of smoke into a room. The testing lab results speak for themselves.”
After 75 minutes of burning 1.5 kg of firewood, in accordance with the Norwegian testing standard NS3058, the ESP Particle Filter reduces the number of particles emitted (fine and ultra-fine) by 90-95%, and reduces the total particle mass by 70-75%. Particles are collected inside the filter by electrostatically charging and trapping them inside the filter, where the self-cleaning function of the ESP will cause some of the particles to combust. The remaining particles are released into the chimney to be burned off, thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the filter.
ENERVEX will present its Electrostatic Precipitator Particle Filter System at HPBExpo 2020 March 12-14 in New Orleans, LA.
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