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Meet the Team Tuesday!

Matt Voit is one of our Outside Salesmen here at V-Systems. He has been with the company for over 23 years. Matt offers the best possible customer service experience, as well as providing hands-on explanations of any new or updated products when necessary. He not only cares about his customers but he will go to any length to make sure they are pleased with their experience. He is kind hearted, hardworking, and dedicated when it comes to his job!

Let’s get to know Matt!

What is your favorite thing about working at V-Systems?
“One of my favorite parts of working with V-Systems systems is the camaraderie with our staff. Everyone works together as a team with respect. Our company seems to be getting stronger every year and with Russ bringing in new ideas we are branching out into other markets.”

What is one interesting fact about yourself?
“Prior to starting V-Systems, I knew nothing about Boilers, pumps, and mechanical systems. I worked as a golf pro in California and Texas before partnering with my brother and family to start V-Systems. Prior to officially jumping in the V-Systems water I took a variety of classes on centrifugal pumps and Hydronics in preparation to learn the new language.”

Matt Voit

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