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Meet The Team Tuesday!


Mike Voit is one of our Outside Sales Engineer’s at V-Systems. Mike transitioned from being a prior owner, and President of the Company, running the day to day operations, to now enjoying the interaction with customers and engineers on the road in his position of Outside Sales. He enjoys working with engineers to develop the equipment portion in the design basis, to new construction, or retrofit projects.

Let’s get to know Mike!

What is your favorite thing about working at V-Systems?
“I feel today working with HVAC, plumbing, fire project manager(s), or engineer(s), is like working with multiple doctor’s, they need to know all the intricacies of a building for it to operate successfully and to diagnose issues to optimize efficiency using technologies and latest advancements. Working with these customers over the past years, keeps you on your toes learning new things every day. One of the best things I like working for V-Systems, is watching it’s growth through the years. We purchased the Trew Company in July of 2000, with 6 employees as a manufacturers’ representative for 8 equipment lines, and a handful of distributors, creating approximately $600k in sales. We renamed ourselves V-Systems and reformulated its growth plan to include over 25 manufacturers’ and over 50 different distributing companies. The company grew to over 30 employees in the 1st 12 years with over 10 million in sales. Today I feel we continue to grow as a company getting into different market segments & improving customer service.”

What is one interesting fact about yourself?
“One interesting fact about myself is V-Systems is the 3rd company I have developed to successful progression working together with my younger brother.”

Mike Voit

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