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Delta TM Series Expanded To 2400 Tons

Delta has expanded TM Series cooling tower single unit capacity to 2,400 Tons. These expanded capacity units are CTI Certified. Delta’s engineering team is constantly working on improving our products and we expect other improvement announcements later this year. Note that even higher capacities than the 2,400 Tons can be achieved when the approach to the wet bulb is above nominal 7 degrees F or the range of cooling is allowed to be greater than 10 degrees F. This is our 6-cell unit with 180 total fan HP. The 5-cell unit has been expanded to 2,000 Tons.

The TM Series Cooling Tower has many industry leading features including Seamless Double-Wall Engineered Plastic (HDPE) Shell carrying a 20-year Warranty. The Direct Drive Fan Systems eliminate maintenance and downtime frustrations with belt-driven or gear reducer systems prevalent in the industry. The towers are factory assembled for simple installation, typically a lot less time than metal towers. The tower has high efficiency fill, non-clog large orifice water distribution nozzles, VFD rated motors with 5-Year warranty.

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