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Armstrong Pump Manager allows you to virtually manage your devices and keep your systems running

Posted by Armstrong Fluid Technology on May 11, 2020 8:15:45 AM

It may be that the health crisis expands the ways in which you use remote HVAC management systems like Pump Manager from Armstrong. If you’re not already connected, Armstrong has an easy ‘no-contact’ way to add the service and an offer to make things easier during a difficult time.

Under normal circumstances remote management of your assets is great for data collection and emergency alerts, but if you’re taking care of a building (or a few buildings) you might still like to take a walk and check things out first-hand. It’s a chance to stretch your legs, and add some in-person, physical observation to the mix for prudent management oversight. Sometimes a damper is stuck or there’s a similar problem that can be addressed quickly, the ‘old school’ way.But in the environment created by the current pandemic, we all have to re-think our work in a new light. We have to protect ourselves, and those around us, and the stakes are very high. Some of us are not on-site regularly, so remote management capability becomes very useful to ensure everything is operating properly. If we’re still working on-site, we’re trying to observe proper social distancing and hygiene. Everyday work activities become more complicated. Depending on where you work you may also be wearing personal protective equipment and following elaborate sanitation procedures.

On top of the changed work environment and new safety protocols, with people now spending so much time indoors, there’s even more pressure to ensure that mechanical systems in buildings are working properly and maintaining an indoor environment that’s safe, healthy and comfortable. It’s not a good time for a system failure, or a non-professional intervention into building operations.

To help owners and operators cope with these requirements, Armstrong has developed Pump Manager, a system that leverages cloud connectivity and EDGE computing to track pump performance remotely. Building professionals can use Pump Manager to track pump performance and status from any location using a phone, tablet or laptop. Just that capability can be a valuable alternative to sharing a communal touchscreen or keyboard. If you have a number of pumps serving an HVAC system, there’s no guesswork regarding which unit needs attention, and the information can be safely shared and discussed with others online through cloud-to-cloud APIs.

Another option to consider is that your Service Dealer can be included in the automated alerts and can roll a truck with the proper tools and replacement parts, fully informed on the issue. There’s no need to meet in-person.

Every day seems to introduce new uncertainties, so it’s nice to have a no-risk tool for performance tracking. But Pump Manager also offers important Asset management features, tracking and recording changes made to the asset in real time. Accurate records on changes to configuration settings, and firmware updates are a key part of an asset management program and provide vital insights for HVAC system optimization.

To help customers get started using Pump Manager, Armstrong has announced a special, limited-time offer. Until August 1, 2020, you can access to Pump Manager at no cost. Start your free access at

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